Students who are absent for one day must take tests on the next school day.  I never cover new material the day before a test.  Students are required to take materials home two days before a test to study.

Formal writing assignments should be typed in Google Docs.  All students have Google Docs accounts.  I will be correcting writing assignments eletronically to save time, paper and ink.

Short homework assignments that are given in language arts and geography will count about 10-20 points.  Students will be given scores based on how complete their work is.  I will give small classwork assignments from time to time that will be graded.  The point value will vary depending on the length of the assignment.  The students will be told how much each assignment is worth.  Participation and group work may also be factored into grading when applicable.

If graded assignments such as essays, maps and projects are late, I will deduct 5 point for the first day.  If an assignment is two-days late, the student will also receive a detention.  Assignments will not be accepted three days after the due date without a medical excuse. Parents should note that many high school teachers deduct 10 points per day, and some will not give any credit for late assignments.  College professors may be just as strict in this area.  Elementary and high school teachers have a duty to prepare students for the rigors of a college education.

I do not drop any grades.  All of my assignment are very manageable.   I review material very well.  I do not give surprise quizzes.  Low grades are almost always a result of poor effort, and I do not want to encourage this by dropping grades. 

I do not offer students extra credit.  Almost all of my students are capable of succeeding if they do the work that is assigned to them.  Please do not ask me to give your child extra credit work.  If I give this opportunity to one student, I will will have to give it to everyone.  This will result in abornmally high grades, with the possibility of some averages going over 100%.

Students frequently look in other students desks, with my permission, to get books and papers to send home due to absences.  I often help in this area.  We may also go into lockers for the same reason.  I am not interested in pesonal property unless it violates school rules.  Once in awhile, I may need to go through a desk to find important papers that may be misplaced.  I may check desks for missing work if necessary, especially if students are absent, so I can keep parents informed.    

I will email parents concerning low grades.  Parents are not expected to reply to these email if they do not wish to.