This page is included to help explain how written work will be graded in grades 7 and 8.   I use the following criteria in determining a grade to put on a writing assignment:  Each area counts about one quarter.  It is impossible to be completely mathematical when grading such assignments though.  These are just general guidelines.  Students should use Google Docs to write all papers.  I will not be printing papers in school anymore.  They will be corrected electronically.

Mechanics: Work should be free of spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors.  Complete sentences must be written and not fragment sentences.  Paragraph structure needs to be observed when applicable.

Content:  Work must be original and not copied and pasted.  Research papers or reports usually have specific bibliography requirements, depending on the class and the assignment.  Creative writing assignments need to follow the content guidelines set in class. I give specific instructions on all writing assignments.  We usually do samples in class and read them aloud.  Students should be responsible for taking notes and following specific instructions given in class for writing reports, persuasive essays, letters, poetry, short stories, etc.

Appearance:  Work should be typed and double-spaced under normal circumstances.    Printing is not allowed.   All work must have a neat and complete heading.  Normal margins should be used.

Length: Papers should adhere to length guidelines discussed in class.  Students will not receive full credit for papers that are too short.  They may receive more credit for writing more than is requested.  Large fonts that make papers look longer than they really are should not be used.  

Other notes: Papers that are plagiarized (copied from the Internet or other source) in part or whole will be given a grade of F.  These papers must be redone in cursive.  They will be regraded and marked late.  Disciplinary action will be taken for repeated attempts.

Papers that cannot be read or understood due to excessive errors will be given a D or an F depending on the severity of the problem.